Ein germanistisches Jahrbuch
A German Studies Yearbook

Gegenwartsliteratur accepts original scholarship in German or in English about contemporary literature (i.e., literature published in the German-speaking countries during approximately the past thirty years). By submitting manuscripts authors confirm that the manuscript has not been published before and is not under consideration elsewhere.

Articles on all aspects of contemporary German language literature are welcome and make up about half of the contributions in each Yearbook. In addition, each volume includes a cluster of articles on a particular topic.

  • Focus/Schwerpunkt, Gegenwartsliteratur 2022: Disability Studies
  • Focus/Schwerpunkt, Gegenwartsliteratur 2023: Gedächtnis–Autofiktion–Archive
  • Focus/Schwerpunkt, Gegenwartsliteratur 2024: Futurity–Utopien–Dystopien

 is a peer-reviewed publication. We accept submissions at any time. The deadline for articles to be considered for the next yearbook is November 31.

Please send submissions (prepared for anonymous review) or queries
To suggest scholarly books on contemporary German/Austrian/Swiss literature for review, please contact the book review editor Thomas W. Kniesche (